capt-zach-trasherZach Thrasher, an avid fisherman and conservationist, started fishing as a young lad on Lake Killarney in his hometown of Orlando, Florida. The fishing bug bit him hard and it wouldn’t be long before bass fishing would take him to the coast, looking for even bigger and better fish.

He grew up fishing both the East and West coasts of Florida but the few years spent in the Big Bend area while attending college lead to the development of the first Thrasher™ Lures product, the Thrasher™ Catch All. He used this great all-around rig alongside his top water lures and live bait. He realized the rig was quick and easy to use for almost everyone that he took fishing. Some of his friends actually caught their first inshore saltwater fish using this rig.



His close friend and fishing buddy, Chris McEchran, jokingly coined the nickname “Thrasher™ Catch All” for it after witnessing a myriad of species caught on each trip. The consistent success of this rig was deemed undeniable by all those Zach took fishing, and a few years later, Zach was able to produce and package the product for retail sales. The Thrasher™ Catch All is just one of many products to come; Topwater designs, jerk baits, and even pre-rigged shrimp are being developed to add to the Thrasher™ Lures product line.


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