Complete Thrash Can Bucket Topper KIT, The Perfect Boat Trash Can!


The Perfect Boat Trash Can!

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Introducing the Thrash Can Bucket Topper KIT! The perfect boat trash can! Turn an ordinary 5 gallon bucket into a trash can. The Kit includes: a Standard Topper, Strap Handle Replacement, and the Non-Skid Bucket Ring!

  • The mesh topper prevents trash from blowing out of the bucket while keeping your hatches clean from stinky trash and sticky cans.
  • The innovative strap design replaces the clunky metal handle on the standard 5 gallon bucket. Perfect for boating, construction, gardening, and more! Our handle design features a strong webbing material sewn onto our corrosion resistant chrome hook. Works great to fix your broken bucket handle.
  • The Thrash Can Bucket Ring helps prevent a standard bucket from sliding around. The self-adhesive foam ring won’t scratch or mark surfaces. Keep your bucket where it should be. The ring also makes the bucket virtually silent when moving it on a boat deck. Don’t scare off any fish!

The Thrash Can Bucket Topper is a great addition to any boat deck, truck bed, or construction site! Anywhere you need a trash can! *(bucket not included)*


  • Made in the USA, out of Orlando Florida
  • Made from an easy to rinse mesh and elastic material
  • keep trash in the bucket and out of our waterways
  • sized to fit a standard 5 gallon bucket or the Huck Bucket